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The World

Races of Midgard
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Character Classes
Languages of Midgard
The Land of Midgard

Midgard is divided into five continents; Tyria on the south, Provectus on the north, Arvandor to the west, Tergia to the east and finally in the far north an uninhabited frozen land from where adventurers count themselves lucky to return empty handed. There also exist a couple of sea based countries, The Jaws of Gruumsh and the Wavecrest Clans.

The Gods of Midgard
h6. The Pantheon of the Old Gods

Symbols of the Old Gods
Statues of the Old Gods
h6. The Free Deities

The Unseen Gods
Deities and Domains


The Kingdoms of Man (Ages)

The Path of the Chosen

The People
The Events

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