Character Races of Midgard


The charr have long since been a threat to all other inhabitants of Tyria and have created a reputation for savage and pyromaniac murderers. Even if its true that fire fascinates the charr, not all of them are set on conquer and destruction of the other races. Within their harsh society most of their rulers have certainly been of an evil heart, only helping to perpetuate this reputation.

But still a few good if wild hearted charr exist, almost all of them stay with their people finding no acceptance beyond it and either try to change it from the inside or eventually are changed by it, a few however have been able to create a couple of wandering tribes trying to survive and be freed from the racial prejudice. Almost all charr worship Balthazar, few ever pay their respects to the rest of the old gods.


The dwarves have gathered mostly within the shiver peaks at Tyria, steadily forging their kingdom Deldrimor. A few other dwarven settlements exist beyond the range of the shiver peaks, founded by ambitious dwarves hoping to build kingdoms as powerful as Deldrimor.

A proud race, fathers of a god even if most are not aware of it, they spend most of the time within their mountains, few travel very far from their ancestral homes and among those, few do so for long.

As a race dwarves worship the pantheon of the old gods as humans do but changing their approach on goddess Melandru according to the environment they inhabit.


The outcast elves who where exiled from the surface after their rebellion. Hatred fills the drow heart and within their subterranean cities they plot their revenge against all the surface races.

Since the birth of the race they have attacked all others, no one has been able to find their country if they even have one which has led many to believe they have none, but the evidence of their culture says otherwise.

All drow worship Lolth on pain of death, a few have tried to escape their old customs and society, those who succeeded and did not feel choked by religion took the worship of other gods.


Elves are not known far and wide in Midgard, as most stay within their island Empire of Arvandor and those who don’t create their own houses and cities deep within the forests of the human lands, the only races generally aware of their existence are the Dwarves and Kobolds. Dwarves remember fighting side by side against untold menaces with the elves while Kobolds have approached them on countless occasions for arcane trade, not always on the friendlier terms.

Still elven wanderlust has been the mother of countless human legends (taken mostly as fairy tales) of elven heroes from distant lands and even rumors of winged elves.

Beside some serpent races, elves are the most knowledgeable race of the history of Midgard and the most captivated by and interested in magic, both traces of a culture that has survived for millennia.

As a race elves worship Corellon but are not against an occasional prayer to one of the old gods (a term they coined) and allowing every individual to believe and worship what they wish.


The wavecrest gnomes enjoy few things more than wandering the endless sea, so their only contact with the dry land races is where both worlds meet, or as the gnomes would say, when the races of dry-land approach their world.

Gnomes worship Dwayna and Grenth out of respect, these gods being the skies above them and waters below them, but gnomes worship Lyssa out of their racial love for magic and illusions.


This expansionist and tinkering race can be found all through Midgard be it on larger or smaller groups. Always in conflict with their neighbors be it above or underground, especially Dwarves, Kobolds and Humans. The exception to this would be on The Republic, where some have joined the technologists’ quest trying to unearth and understand the forgotten remains of The Great Kingdom.


The Goliaths live high within the mountains surrounding the Valley of the Dead in Provectus. This race of brave nomad warriors dislikes leaving their mountains so they are not known far and wide through Provectus, let alone Midgard.

Goliaths worship the old gods with a preference for Dwayna although Melandru is also an important goddess in Goliath Worship.


Half-elves, or half-humans according to which of their parents you ask, have a difficult time settling within any of their cultures so many spend their lives wandering the land but those who don’t usually are able to find a place for themselves within one of their cultures.


Although certainly few, they are usually treated as orcs by the other races, so most take to the evil ways of their orcish parents although those individuals who are able to withstand the initial prejudices have been able to find a place for themselves in the world.


A peaceful and merry race, Halflings are more interested in spending their lives happily with their family than great adventure, wealth or fortune but are more than willing and able to take care of their own.

All halflings used to roam Midgard until Borlus carved a kingdom for his race, now they have a land to call their own and even if many still travel far and wide all who do return home eventually.

Most Halflings worship Melandru, but prayers to Lyssa are as usual as those to Melandru.


Despite being one of the youngest races, Humans are the dominant race in Midgard, having expanded to all known lands and at least a few finding a niche within all other cultures. Humans are also the only mortal race to have created another, the Warforged.

The young race is very conflictive but still thrives and prospers; most humans worship the old gods with varying degrees of faith, Dwayna being the most popular goddess.


The isolationist serpent race of kobolds has several cities across Midgard but no kingdoms, always focused on expansion and caring little for non serpent races. The smallest of the serpent races but the hardest working thrives underground even if always at odds with its neighbors.

Kobold worship is different in each city, but in those where the old gods are worshipped they usually change their images for more draconic ones.


This savage race gained a well earned reputation of brutal murdering beasts during the millennia they worshipped Gruumsh, after his disappearance his cult waned until the race has almost completely turned to a shamanistic culture but as a race they remain as savage as before even if a few individuals break the norm.


Recently discovered in the ruins of the ancient Great Kingdom by archeologists, some have been revived and a few built with the knowledge found within. The warforged are not certain of what their place in the world should be, many take a subservient role within the republic, often as apprentices to the archeologists to find out more about their past.

*Special: Warforged consider all firearms as martial instead of exotic weapons.


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