The Land

Midgard is divided into five continents; Tyria on the south, Provectus on the north, Arvandor to the west, Tergia to the east and finally in the far north an uninhabited frozen land from where adventurers count themselves lucky to return empty handed.


This wild and dangerous continent is home of the dwarves and a couple of human kingdoms who have forged their homes in these dangerous lands filled with savage humanoids such as the charr and the orcs to name only the most prominent. Terrifying monsters of all kinds prowl the wilds of Tyria a constant risk to travelers and traders who find themselves in need of swords for hire to ensure their well being.


An isolationist country of brave warriors, their mettle tested every day against the endless Charr hordes of the north. A land of temperate weather and ample rolling hills where the famed Ascalonian Horses roam.

Landscape – Plains, rivers and a few forests while approaching the mountains.
Major Settlements – Rin (p. 17,000), Ascalon (p. 10,000), Nolani (p. 4,500)
The Folk – Population 38,300, Humans 99%, Dwarves 1%. Several of Ascalon younger join the army to defend the great northern wall from the Charr threat. Also, many people come from other countries to the renowned Nolani Academy to learn the arcane craft.

Ascalonians are of white skin and all eye and hair colors, their factions are refined and their hair straight, they tend to be tall and well-built, men are taller than women. As for their clothes men wear boots, pants, tunics, shirts and cloaks; while women favor shoes, long skirts, blouses, vests and cloaks; both men and women favor earthen tones to their clothing except for shirts and blouses which are always white. As for hairstyle Asalonian women usually allow their hair to grow long while men never let it fall below their shoulders, there’s no trend for facial hair.

The Law – Feudal hereditary monarchy aided by local guilds. (King Roderick Adelbern)
Trade and Diplomacy – Trade exists with Kryta and Deldrimor, diplomatic relations only with Deldrimor as King Adelbern refuses to relate to Kryta.

Groups –

The Hammers of Ascalon – The formal army of Ascalon, most of its efforts go on guarding the great northern wall from the constant charr threat.

The Vanguard – A platoon leaded by Prince Rurik keeping to the highest standards of the knightly code.

The Nolani Academy – Arcane Academy for Wizards and a few sorcerers, the council created and maintains the arcane fulcrum on which the spell pool resides.
Prestige Classes: Academy Mage (Wizard of the Arcane Order)

The Green Cloaks – Adventurer guild from Ascalon,


The newly found theocracy of The Unseen Gods, Kryta is a wealthy land with great harvests and a warm weather but in this conditions also prosper a great deal of dangerous creatures.

Landscape – Hills, mountains, several rivers and forests
Major Settlements – Lion’s Gate (p. 24,700), Divinity Shore(p. 8,200), Beetletun (p. 2,100), Temple of the Ages (p. 550)
The Folk – Population 43,600, Human 99%, Dwarves 1%. Most of the young men of Kryta have tried joining the White Mantle of Saul D’Alesio; a few gather on the D’Alesio Seaboard and follow the Path of the Four Bastions the rest and those who fail to join the Mantle work on the fields or earn their lives from the waters.

Krytans are of well tanned skin, colored eyes, black hair and both men and women are tall, slender and fit, both genders wear their hair long and in creative ways, as for facial hair, krytan men don’t favor it until an old age. Krytan dress is simple, they wear white tunics sometimes with cloaks or capes. Footwear may be sandals or boots.

The Law – Theocracy. (High Priest Martin Rayne)
Trade and Diplomacy – Regular trade exists with Deep Port and Deldrimor and occasionally with the barbarian tribes of the west, diplomatic relations are good with Deldrimor and Deep Port but they could be better with the barbarian clans.

Groups –

The White Mantle – The faith which saved Kryta from the Charr invasion and now rules the country. This zealous group created by Saul D’Alesio on DC: 1,304 the religion of the unseen gods quickly rose to power after dealing with the Charr threat.
Prestige Classes: White Mantle Inquisitor (Shadowbane Inquisitor), White Mantle Overseer (Shadowbane Stalker), White Mantle Judge (Church Inquisitor)

The Shinning Blade – A rebel group within Kryta firmly opposing the White Mantle. They seize every chance to interfere with the Mantle and frequently make assassination attempts against their leaders.
Prestige Classes: Shinning Blade Mage (Daggerspell Mage), Shinning Blade Shaper (Daggerspell Shaper)

The Order of the Four Bastions – An arcane cabal on the southern shores of Kryta being the only option for many who seek to understand the arcane, the order has slowly but steadily grown strong over the years.
Prestige Classes: Elemental Savants


The proud kingdom of the mighty dwarves, foreigners have only known the surface cities, but untold cities, halls and mysteries prowl hundreds of meters below the imposing Shiverpeaks.

Landscape – Frozen mountain tops, caves, lakes and rivers.
Major Settlements – Thunderhead Keep (p. 16,700), Droknar’s Forge (p. 15,400), Iron Horse Mines (p. 7,300), Port Sledge (p. 3,900), Beacon’s Perch (p. 1,000), Yak’s Bend (p. 900)
The Folk – Population 44,300, Dwarves 95%, Humans 5%. Almost every dwarf has a well defined place in his society and few ever try to change it, but all try to rise in status within their own area.

Clan loyalty means everything to this stout, pragmatic and sometimes stubborn folk.
Both male and female Deldrimor dwarves wear boots, pants, long sleeve shirts, vests and cloaks, but women may trade the pants for a long skirt and usually do when they marry. Dwarven eyes are dark while their skin has a rosy tone; facial hair is the pride of every dwarf and young men usually count the days until they can wear a full and well groomed beard.

The Law – Feudal hereditary monarchy over a Council of Clans. (King Jalis Ironhammer)
Trade and Diplomacy – Regular trade exists with Deep Port, Kryta and Ascalon, diplomatic relations are good with all of them, although they could strive to smooth clan rivalries.

Groups –

The Ironhammer Shields – The elite dwarven warriors, this knightly order serves King Jalis Ironhammer directly. Most dwarven clans try and get at least some of their warriors within the Shields for the political prestige of this position.
Prestige Classes: Ironhammer Shield (Dwarven Defender)

Other prestige classes:
Deepstone Sentinel (Bo9S)
Academy Mage (Wizard of the Arcane Order)
All Dwarf PrC´s

The Free City of Deep Port

The cosmopolitan Free City of Deep Port is the commercial center of the world, most trade and travel between the continents passes through its streets and docks, even if this fair city is frequently harassed by pirates and brigands from the outside and other more insidious threats from within.

Landscape – Bay with swamps to the south.
Major Settlements – The Free City of Deep Port (p. 25,000)
The Folk – Population 25,000, Human 94%, Dwarves 2%, Others 4%. There is no city as cosmopolitan as Deep Port. Even if most people here are human they come from all corners of he world.

For those descending from the original founders skin tones are light with brown or occasionally green eyes their hair is black or brown with few exceptions. Deep Port fashion is constantly changing, but it usually revolves around pants, shirts and jackets.

The Law – Hereditary Feudal Monarchy. (Marquees Graziano Salvatore)
Trade and Diplomacy – Being the trade center of the world, trade exists with numerous countries specially with Corinth and Kryta. Diplomatic relations are good with most countries except the occasional conflict when Kryta tried absorbing it.

Groups –

The Nightsong Guild – The most powerful guild within Deep Port’s underworld.
Prestige Classes: Nightsong Enforcer, Nightsong Infiltrator

The Vagabond Guild – These wizards are making a great profit out of hurried merchants and those with an interest to get away real soon.
Prestige Classes: Wayfarer Guide

Other Prestige Classes:

The Clans of the West

In these dangerous lands only the strongest survive, and the semi-nomad clans of the west are among them, tempered strong and wild as nature through their frequent battles with local monsters, the orcs of the south and even themselves.

Landscape – Broken lands with forests turning into rainforests on the west.
Major Settlements – Bear’s Dwelling (p. 2,500), Wolf’s Den (p. 1,900), Eagle’s Waterfall (p. 1,400)
The Folk – Population 18,300, Human 96%, Half-orcs 2%, Others 1%. People is harsh here, being shaped by their surroundings. Those living near the shore usually go on long raiding voyages where they please while those living inland usually entertain themselves hunting and battling monsters or other clans.

West clansmen are tall, of white skin and a strong and robust build. Their hair blond and colored eyes, they dress boots, breeches and long sleeved tunics with great beasts furs over them and usually carry a few trophies from their kills. Women dress like the men unless they are dedicated to the home when they wear single piece long dresses and aprons. Hair is worn long by both genders but longer by the females.

The Law – King Elected by the Council of Clans. (Warmaster Kolman of the Bear Clan)
Trade and Diplomacy – Most trade occurs among the clans and depending on the region with Lumen, although trade also exists with Kryta and occasionally with a few orcs.

Groups –
Prestige Classes: Bear Warrior


The country of the shamanistic orcs is harsh and unforgiving, dangerous swamps litter the landscape, where savage orcs and lumbering giants continuously battle for expansion and power.

Landscape – Broken lands and swamps.
Major Settlements – Orgrimar (p. 30,000), Broken Claw (p. 23,100), Rusted Axe (17,500)
The Folk – Population 86,400, Orcs 90%, Trolls 5%, Ogres 3%, Others 2%.
Leather, iron and fur
The Law – Feudal Lord. (Warmaster Radulf Doomhammer)
Trade and Diplomacy – Trade and certain diplomacy exists with the Clans of the West and with the Jaws of Gruumsh.

Groups –

Frenzied Berserker
Orc PRC’s

The Burning City

The capitol of the Charr kingdom which considers all others as subjects waiting to be conquered even if a mostly steady alliance with Tergia has been able to survive the test of time. This is a city made of steel, fire and blood. The current despot sits at the center of this martial city and impenetrable fortress raised wholly to honor Balthazar.

Landscape – Mountainous Deserts.
Major Settlements – The Burning City (p. 24,700), Broken Skull(p. 8,200)
The Folk – Population 35,500, Human 97%, Dwarves 2%, Others 1%.
The Charr have been burdened by a long line of tyrants and despots each one taking the still bloody crown from his predecessor. This has only helped reinforce their neighbors perception as every few years they need to battle against yet a new warlord.

Truly a race of warriors, they wear armor most of the time and a few robes which usually have seen better days.

The Law – Earned monarchy. (King Kiroz’Nacht)
Trade and Diplomacy – Occasional trade and diplomacy with Tergia, and an endless war against Ascalon.

The Land

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